Farmers' Rights & Food Sovereignty: all materials

Gene Giants Stockpile Patents on “Climate-Ready” Crops in Bid to Become Biomassters 21 Oct 2010
ETC Group-Pambazuka Special Issue 20 Oct 2010
Groups condemn implied land-grab for biochar 29 Aug 2010
Civil Society Groups announce new global campaign against geoengineering tests – urge public to join in. 21 Apr 2010
NEGOTIATORS warned to LOOK BEFORE LEAPING! Civil Society Alarmed at Climate Technology Quick Fixes in Copenhagen 9 Dec 2009
On Behalf Of Ad Hoc Coalition: Let's Look Before We Leap! 7 Dec 2009
Rome’s Food Summit may determine who decides who will eat 16 Nov 2009
The Committee on World Food Security Passes a Test, but… 21 Oct 2009
147 organisations from 44 countries warn against 'biochar' (large-scale charcoal) as a dangerous new false solution to climate change 8 Apr 2009