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As big oil states plan to promote energy-hungry agtech as a ’climate solution’ at COP26, it’s time to question their AIM

Banner challenging AIM for Climate on floor with La Via Campesina banners

By ETC Group

The USA and the United Arab Emirates both have vested interests in finding ways to justify continuing to extract and sell their vast supplies of oil. It is perhaps not coincidental then, that these two countries are planning a high-profile launch for what is likely to become a controversial climate and agtech initiative, “Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate (AIM4C)”, at UNFCCC’s COP26 in Glasgow in November.


Episode 1 of our new “Spanner in the System” podcast mini-series
Graphic with a spanner and representations of various technologies around it.

Why not listen to the first episode of our new “Spanner in the System” podcast mini-series during your lunch break today? As we mark World Food Day (16 October), it’s a good time to pause and reflect on our food and where it comes from. Our first podcast, in our new mini-series on disruptive tech, produced in the Asia-Pacific region, does just that!

Fancy a technofix mess for dinner?

Why we boycotted the UN Food Systems Summit
A screenshot of ETC's blacked out home page

In solidarity with all the peasant farmers, small-scale food producers, Indigenous Peoples, NGOs, agricultural workers, family farmers and researchers who boycotted the Food System Summit we blacked out our website for the duration of the Food System Summit (FSS).

The rejection of the Food System Summit (FSS) by so many people, activists, organisations and movements around the world shows that the defence of food sovereignty remains strong.

Join ETC Group at the People’s Counter-Mobilization to Transform Corporate Food Systems

To oppose the corporate hijacking of the Food Systems Summit, the people’s counter-mobilization offers an opportunity for civil society to connect their struggles and fight together for a better world based on mutual respect, social justice, equity, solidarity and harmony with Mother Earth.

New video: #SayNo2SolarGeo

Warnings about solar geoengineering
Screenshot of activist Greta Thunberg at home on a zoom webinar

We are excited to share #SayNo2Solar, a new video featuring Greta Thunberg, Michael Mann, Vandana Shiva, Raymond Pierrehumbert, Bill McKibben, Jennie Stephens, Naomi Klein, Tom Goldtooth and Åsa Larsson Blind. Watch the video to listen to their warnings about the dangers of solar geoengineering.


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Solar Geoengineering

Warnings from scientists, indigeous peoples, youth and climate activists

Once relegated to the fringe of the climate debate, plans to use solar geoengineering to mask rising temperatures are receiving increasing attention from some scientists, governments, and the media. Catchy headlines about silver bullet fixes often downplay the real and profound risks that such technologies pose — including potentially devastating harm to ecosystems, increased droughts and extreme weather events, and the disruption of food production for millions of people around the world.

Leading Climate Scientists, Climate Activists, Indigenous Peoples, and Youth Speak on the Risks of Solar Geoengineering

Panels to discuss the growing risks and unequal impact of dangerous technological fixes

Once relegated to the fringe of the climate debate, proposals to use  solar geoengineering to mask the impacts of planetary warming are receiving increasing attention from scientists, the government, and the media. While conversations often center around “silver bullet fixes” they too frequently downplay the real and profound risks that such technologies pose. These impacts would affect all of us but would fall most heavily on Indigenous Peoples and communities in the Global South. 


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