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'Tech Won't Save Us' podcast with ETC Group

The potential consequences of the digitalization of agriculture
Tech Won't Save Us podcast cover with photo of Jim Thomas
As COP-15 of the Convention on Biological Diversity approaches (it's scheduled for December 2022, in Montreal, Canada) it becomes ever more essential to understand why horizon-scanning, technology assessment and the monitoring of new technologies must be included in the new Global Biodiversity Framework. Digitalization of the food system is a good example of why this is so important.

WEBINAR - Geoengineering in Climate Negotiations

Get the latest with Neth Daño, Silvia Ribeiro and Niki Martinez
An image promoting a webinar on Geoengineering In Climate Negotitations with a picture of the world from space being squeezed by a wrench

Under the radar of many people and governments, several risky geoengineering techniques are being considered at UN climate negotiations. Most are speculative technologies that could cause even more climate chaos and function as a costly distraction from real solutions.

This webinar, cohosted by ETC Group and RLS will provide an overview of the likely and unlikely places where geoengineering might pop up at UN climate negotiations.

GBF talks in Nairobi risk heading in wrong direction

Indigenous and Global South communities are biodiversity experts, not Silicon Valley
Gene Drive mosquito

With Global Biodiversity Framework negotiations about to wrap up in Nairobi this article was drafted to address some of the broader narratives that shape issues like horizon scanning, ‘30 by 30’ and technology assessment negotiations within the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). This context is especially important for ensuring that gender, human rights and Indigenous rights are at the center of protecting and ensuring biodiversity for the future. 

Food, Data and Justice Dialogues

A critical approach to the digitalisation of food systems - What’s there to know? Introductory teach-ins

These recorded webinars (held on 29 & 30 June 2022) provide an introduction to the digitalisation of food systems from seed to stomach (also known as the 4.0 revolution in food and agriculture). You can view them on YouTube and we are compiling additional materials: please find all relevant links below.

Session 1: Power and technology: the digital food chain | By ETC Group

Backgrounder: Small Scale Farmers and Peasants Still Feed the World

Explaining competing claims of 70% vs. 30% and why it matters
The cover of the backgrounder report

A debate has emerged as to what proportion of the global food supply is produced by small-scale food producers - one that may have big implications for policy-making addressing hunger. Civil society organisations and peasant movements have estimated that around 70% of the world is fed by small-scale farmers and other peasants. However, two recent academic papers are claiming that small farm producers really only feed about one third of the world’s population.

In memory of Dr. Arpad Pusztai

An inspiration for scientific integrity, principles and honesty

ETC Group is sad to have learned of the passing of Dr Arpad Pusztai on 17th December this Year. Dr Pustzai was a much respected, highly published UK government food safety scientist originally from Hungary. In 1998 his research, which raised questions about the safety of Genetic Engineering in potatoes, caused a political storm, cost him his job and became the lightning rod for a fierce public debate and popular revolt against GM foods in the UK .

Did you know that the digitalization of agriculture could affect farmers’ rights?

Digital agriculture, as being proposed by giant agribusiness and data companies, should come with a warning for farmers, farm workers and food vendors. Read our blog below to find out about why in more detail (with examples) and about alternative approaches (also with some real world, feasible examples). But if you are short of time, check out our bullet point ‘what to watch out for’ summary:



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