ETC's reports and articles

On Behalf Of Ad Hoc Coalition: Let's Look Before We Leap! 7 Dec 2009
让我们三思而行 公民社会呼吁技术评估成为 任何哥本哈根协定的组成部分 3 Dec 2009
Rome’s Food Summit may determine who decides who will eat 16 Nov 2009
Climate Justice Now! Network Denounces False Climate Solutions in Barcelona 8 Nov 2009
Questions for the Food and Climate Crises 31 Oct 2009
The Committee on World Food Security Passes a Test, but… 21 Oct 2009
Geoengineering as 21st century fairytale 1 Oct 2009
Science Fictions: UK's Royal Society to issue major report on geoengineering; ban real-world experiments, says ETC Group 31 Aug 2009
News Release by Biofuelwatch / ETC Group / Greenpeace 20 Jul 2009
‘No to Dubious Biotech-fixes for Climate Change’ 15 Jul 2009