ETC's reports and articles

Stop the spread of synthetic biology 5 Jun 2013
Article from Huffington Post 27 May 2013
Jim Thomas - Huffington Post 13 May 2013
Email sent by Antony Evans 7 May 2013
ETC Group and Friends of The Earth request a halt to Synthetic Biology project. 7 May 2013
Letter sent by ETC Group and Friends of the Earth to USDA APHIS 7 May 2013
ETC and Friends of the Earth request Kickstarter Inc to Cancel the 'Glowing Plants' Project 7 May 2013
World Social Forum Event organized by La Via Campesina, GRAIN and ETC Group 4 Apr 2013
Full links and background on the 2012 ocean fertilization scheme by HSRC. 28 Mar 2013
Ag monopoly makes mergers suspect – Big Six create “charity” cartel instead, conning regulators and public breeders 7 Mar 2013