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US Government and Multinational Seed Industry Force UPOV to Abandon Critique of Terminator 16 Apr 2003
The Year of Playing Dangerously 24 Oct 2002
"Using Terminator to halt GM seed contamination is like...Using DDT to kill the ants on your sandwich" 10 Apr 2002
For Outstanding Achievements in Biopiracy 8 Apr 2002
Still More on the Mexican GM Maize Scandal 3 Apr 2002
+ Captain Hook Awards 2002 31 Mar 2002
Wake-Up Call for CBD's Scientific Body Meeting in Montreal 11 Mar 2001
Nairobi Biodiversity Meeting Must Ban Terminator Or Precautionary Principle Will Become Post-Mortem Critics Warn 11 May 2000
SBSTTA Decision sticks out as a lonely defense of Terminator against a global background of rejections. 27 Jun 1999
24 Jun 1999