Farmers' Rights & Food Sovereignty: all materials

Official Notice to Coincide with Human Rights Day 14 Dec 1996
Crucial Decisions in 1996. The Real Hot Spots. 31 Jan 1996
Bio-Prospectors Hall of Shame...or Guess Who's Coming to Pirate Your Plants?! Pros and Cons of Bilateral Bioprospecting Agreements 26 Dec 1995
Cases from Thailand, Gabon, Ecuador, and Peru 30 Sep 1995
The impact of intellectual property on trade, plant biodiversity, and rural society 31 Aug 1994
100+ Examples of the Contribution by Indigenous and Rural Communities in the South to Development in the North 29 Mar 1994
Who Owns the Human Genome? Patenting the Human Cell Lines of Indigenous People 31 Jan 1994
Cotton Monopolies: Conservation and Use of Native Colored Cotton for Development 29 Nov 1993
Early Warning for Third World Farmers. Update: Bovine Growth Hormone in Mexico 29 Jun 1993
Preservation Versus Conservation; Intellectual Property Rights 29 May 1993