Farmers' Rights & Food Sovereignty: all materials

From: Indigenous and farming communities in Oaxaca, Puebla, Chihuahua, Veracruz, CECCAM, CENAMI, ETC Group, CASIFOP, UNOSJO, AJAGI 8 Oct 2003
Europe's (and the World's) Big Soy Berger 6 May 2003
May 6-7 2003, European Patent Office Hears Patent Challenge in Munich - Eight and One-Half Years Later! 27 Apr 2003
US Government and Multinational Seed Industry Force UPOV to Abandon Critique of Terminator 16 Apr 2003
A mix of Bits, Atoms, Neurons and Genes (B.A.N.G.) make the world come ‘round – for the USA! 31 Mar 2003
Atomtech - Technologies Converging at the Nano-scale 28 Jan 2003
Political "About Face" or "Two-Faced" Policy? 7 Nov 2002
Civil Society Denounces CGIAR for Denial, Diversion and Delay on GM Contamination in Mexican Centre of Genetic Diversity 30 Oct 2002
The Year of Playing Dangerously 24 Oct 2002
Extract of Andean Root Crop Patented for “Natural Viagra” Properties 2 Jul 2002
ETC Group article on the new genomics agenda appears in Beyond Cloning 14 Jun 2002