Farmers' Rights & Food Sovereignty: all materials

RAFI's Annual Update on Terminator and Traitor 14 Feb 2001
What's in the GM pipeline? How will it work? Who will control it? What does it mean for farmers, consumers and policymakers? 29 Dec 2000
As Washington tries to sort out what a 'plant' is, world food security is iced in Switzerland. Industry, Europe, Japan, and the G77 (developing) countries look on in amazement. 19 Nov 2000
A Not-so-Thanksgiving Story 9 Nov 2000
Declaration of Athens is DOA at Georgia's International Congress of Ethnobiology. Ten Points on Piracy are offered toward a more constructive discourse. 1 Nov 2000
Delta & Pine Land Gets One Step Closer to Commercialization 27 Jul 2000
Nairobi Biodiversity Meeting Must Ban Terminator Or Precautionary Principle Will Become Post-Mortem Critics Warn 11 May 2000
Will USDA's Biotech Advisory Board Demand Accountability? 23 Mar 2000
Human Genetic Diversity Enters the Commercial Mainstream 31 Jan 2000
University of Georgia Refuses to Halt Project 30 Nov 1999
Seedless in Seattle - Terminator Tech Trumps Trade Talks 25 Nov 1999