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Dumping iron sulphate into the ocean, or, how to 'geo-engineer' the climate

Written for The Ecologist - March 2009

Jim Thomas

Written for The Ecologist - February 2009

The next big hit fuelwise will have corporations falling over each other to claim plant life, but the comedown could leave us in a sticky mess  

Jim Thomas

Written for The Ecologist- December/January 2009

The extreme climate technologists behind monochrome schemes to slow global warming are one colour short of a palette 

Jim Thomas

Written for The Ecologist - November 2008 

Don’t be fooled by The Cloud – the world of the internet seems weightless, but it is leaving an increasingly heavy footprint behind it 

Apparently in some places they call Hong Kong "Disneyland". What better place than among the sci-fitowers of this gotham-city landscape for the brave new pioneers of Synthetic Biology to gather, plan and celebrate the next stage of artificial life.

Henry Ford dreamed of making plastic cars out of soy. Now Dow, DuPont and other chemical giants are also dreaming of a ‘green’ future. But, as Jim Thomas argues, bioplastic is not the eco-solution it’s cracked up to be.

Can science save the planet or should we avoid putting our faith in high-tech fixes to deliver us from the ecological mess we‘ve made? Jim Thomas and Paul Fitzgerald push each other’s buttons.


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