Mega-Mergers in the Global Agricultural Inputs Sector: Threats to Food Security & Climate Resilience

Powerpoint Presentation and Webinar

Today, six corporations control global markets for industrial seeds/agrochemicals. They determine the priorities and future direction of agricultural research. What are implications of ag mega-mergers for food sovereignty and climate change? What can be done?

In this presentation, you will find:

  • Up-to-the-minute developments on the Merger Front;
  • The current Ag Inputs oligopoly (6 multinationals control 75% of seed/pesticide sales);
  • Takeover options for giant farm machinery, fertilizer companies & China;
  • The Myth of Climate-Smart Agricultural Innovations;
  • Merger Scenarios involving Monsanto, Syngenta, BASF & ADAMA;
  • Counter-strategies including BRICS & anti-Trust moves.

You can also watch a 1-hour webinar presenting the information by clicking the following link:


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