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High-Emitting, Oil-Producing Countries Block Progress on Geoengineering Governance at United Nations (Article)
Civil society reiterates call for a ban on geoengineering
VIDEO: Who Will Feed Us? The Peasant Food Web vs the Industrial Food Chain (News/Press Release)
Peasant-led Agroecology and Food Sovereignty Feeds the World
2019: Naming the Now (Article)
A dozen ways to start making sense of 2019 and beyond
United Nations Hits the Brakes on Gene Drives (News/Press Release)
Landmark Convention on Biological Diversity decision calls on governments to conduct strict risk assessments and seek indigenous and local peoples’ consent ahead of potential release of ‘exterminator’ technology.
Convention on Biodiversity: COP 14 updates (Article)
Regular news and commentary from Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
Do Not Betray Africa on SynBio and Gene Drives (Article)
CSOs urge African governments to support moratorium
From Terminator to Exterminator (Article)
20 years after suicide seeds, civil society mobilizes in Egypt this week to stop the sequel – Gene Drive Organisms
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