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Today was "Reclaim Power" day, a collaborative adventure with activists from Climate Justice Now and Climate Justice Action that had been many months (years?) in the making.

I am still in the Bella Centre, still tracking technology negotiations.  That means I have a magical "secondary pass" unlike thousands of other NGOs who cannot get into the building today.

So much has happened in the past three days it is has been impossible to blog.

It is the mad dash for Copenhagen.

Written for The Ecologist - May 2009 - p89

Since we don’t have enough land for the renewable technologies we need - let’s go stratospheric instead, with a high-altitude solution…

Written for The Ecologist - April 2009  - Page 87

Thirty-storey farms? The stated aim of the third green revolution to remove agriculture from the land is nothing short of colonial 

Dumping iron sulphate into the ocean, or, how to 'geo-engineer' the climate

Written for The Ecologist - March 2009

Jim Thomas

Written for The Ecologist - February 2009

The next big hit fuelwise will have corporations falling over each other to claim plant life, but the comedown could leave us in a sticky mess  

Jim Thomas

Written for The Ecologist- December/January 2009

The extreme climate technologists behind monochrome schemes to slow global warming are one colour short of a palette 


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