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During the United Nations High-Level Conference on World Food Security, Climate Change and Bioenergy, Rome-based U.N.

Review by Hope Shand, research director of ETC Group.

Can you spot the missing vowel in this Washington Post headline?!

Md. Scientists Build Bacterial Chromosome

Now that you can drive your ‘nano’ car, listening to your ipod ‘nano’ while wearing ‘nano’ sunscreen and ‘nano’ clothing, the UK’s largest organic certifier has just introduced the perfect nano-antidote - a ‘nano-free’ standard for consumer products.

On January 15, 2008, these two headlines shared the same Google News page. What's wrong with this picture?

"F.D.A. Says Cloned Animals Safe to Eat"


"188000 Pounds Of Tainted Beef Recalled"

What do ocean-going yachts, space-traveling bacteria and synthetic life have in common? J. Craig Venter, of course.

In the past, several multinational seed corporations have publicly pledged not to commercialize Terminator seeds - but, not surprisingly, there is intense industry pressure to overturn Brazil's national law prohibiting suicide seeds.

Below you will find a series of articles on biofuels, originally written in Spanish by one of ETC Group’s researchers. (Unfortunately, English translations are not always available). Biofuel production is currently a much-debated topic in Latin America.

ETC Group attended the 12th meeting of the scientific advisory body (SBSTTA) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), which met in Paris 2-6 July 2006.


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