The Wisdom of G.O.A.T.S (Global Overview Assessments of Technological Systems)

A Proposed Approach to Science, Technology & Innovation (STI) Governance for Sustainability

In May 2017, ETC Group presented their proposal for a G.O.A.T.S approach to Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) governance at the annual UN STI Forum

Policymakers are placing a lot of trust these days in the idea that technology can deliver a better world. Technology is established as a key cross-cutting theme of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which charts a path to the future for governments, and 13 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) specify that technological solutions will be necessary to achieve them. Meanwhile, for better or worse, disruptive and powerful technological platforms are now transforming our societies and environment at speed – from artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics to biotechnology and blockchains.

To be sure-footed in navigating this rapidly-shifting technological terrain and to not butt up against false solutions, governments and other policymakers need better maps and decision-making tools to make wise choices about technology.

To help improve innovation governance, ETC Group is proposing GOATS – Global Overview Assessment of Technological Systems. GOATS offers an exploratory approach for policymakers, civil society and others to better perceive and navigate the rocky innovation landscape ahead, and to understand the potential promises and pitfalls in advance. 

Read the 8-page briefing to learn more! 

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