November 29, 1997

Volume 4, #3 CGIAR Governance in 1997

Governance and the CG's Third Review - A Civil Society Report on International Agricultural Research

In 1997, the Consultative Group on Internatinal Agricultural Research (CGIAR) made notable progress in expanding the participation of the South and of women in their governance system. There is evidence that the trend that prevailed in the first half of the 1990's is reversing and that CG members and the Boards of Trustees of the 16 International Agricultural Research Centres (IARCs) are moving, albeit slowly, to achieve a better regional ration in their various levels of governance. Much of the credit for this shift goes to CGIAR's Chair. Nevertheless, many within the CGIAR seem to feel that a 50/50 South/North balance is adequate and little thinking has been done to consider an appropriate ratio - nor to address the continuing ambiguity of CG "membership" and the uncertain role of the new Global Forum.

A ten page document.

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