Monsanto terminates itself. No surprises in No-Name $27 billion merger.

Monsanto announces that it will merge with Pharmacia-Upjohn and 'spin-off' its agricultural activities. The move heralds pharmaceutical industry strategy to distance itself from GM food flop. Monsanto also announced that it would drop its ill-fated bid to acquire Delta & Pine Land, the largest cotton seed company and co-owner of the prototype Terminator patent.

* In 1999, Brewster Kneen, a well-known and much-respected Canadian author and agricultural activist wrote Farmagedon, a brilliant and thoughtful analysis of the impact of biotechnology on agriculture. We happily acknowledge that his title is the inspiration for our suggestion for a new name for Pharmacia- Upjohn/Monsanto and we commend his book to readers. The book can be obtained from The Rams Horn, S-6, C-27 Rural Route 1, Sorrento, BC, V0E 2W0 Canada. Email:

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