Distribute our Reports

ETC Group welcomes any opportunity for our materials to be more widely shared and disseminated. All of our materials are available online as PDF or similar ready for printing and copying. There is no fee or copyright for copying and distributing anything found on our website.

We encourage individuals and groups to:

  • Make copies of our reports and other materials for giving away on information tables, to members, to place in libraries, as submissions to official enquiries etc
  • Use extracts of our reports, cartoons and other materials in your own publications, newsletters, magazines, blogs etc -so long as ETC Group is credited as the original authors of the work.
  • Share our material electronically wherever you can - either through email, facebook, twitter and other social networking sites - we welcome our materials being submitted to email lists, bulletin boards and sharing sites such as Digg or tumblr. All of our pages have a 'share this page' option on the right hand side to facilitate easier sharing. You can also 'follow us' on facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin or by RSS.