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The USDA's Terminator Defence 22 Oct 1998
Frost has come early for the CGIAR's much-awaited Systemwide Review 20 Oct 1998
From poverty-fighter to the peasants Pinkerton Is Bangladesh's fabled Grameen Bank turning mean with its Monsanto deal...or is the "Monster" turning farmer philanthropist? 6 Jul 1998
Governments at FAO's Gene Commission fail to make the grade on Farmers' Rights and Benefit Sharing 30 Jun 1998
UN FAO, CGIAR Move to Defend Farmers' Rights, Crop Germplasm; Call for Plant "Patent" Moratorium on CG Seeds 14 Mar 1998
International Confusion, Anger Greet Australian Kleptomania of Farmers' Plant Varieties from other Countries. 14 Mar 1998
But many questions remain ... and the fate of 26 other claims are in doubt 14 Feb 1998
Or, how to "invent" a chickpea without really trying 14 Jan 1998
Governance and the CG's Third Review - A Civil Society Report on International Agricultural Research 29 Nov 1997
TAC's Biotech Gambit 14 Jun 1997