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Civil Society Denounces CGIAR for Denial, Diversion and Delay on GM Contamination in Mexican Centre of Genetic Diversity 30 Oct 2002
The Year of Playing Dangerously 24 Oct 2002
Extract of Andean Root Crop Patented for “Natural Viagra” Properties 2 Jul 2002 promote genetic seed sterilization - Terminator technology - as an environmental protection technology 30 Apr 2002
DuPont and Monsanto - "Living in Sinergy"? 8 Apr 2002
For Outstanding Achievements in Biopiracy 8 Apr 2002
Still More on the Mexican GM Maize Scandal 3 Apr 2002
+ Captain Hook Awards 2002 31 Mar 2002
Neither Early Warning nor Early Listening - What the CGIAR is Not Doing 26 Feb 2002
More on the Mexican GM Maize Scandal 18 Feb 2002
U.S. Acquisitionof aromatic Thai rice breaks trust, tramples farmers, threatens trade and seed treaty talks 30 Oct 2001
World Food Day - What to do if Your Gene Bank is Contaminated with GM Seed 15 Oct 2001
Self-proclaimed 'heroes' in Monte Carlo, the world's seed companies have bowed to U.S. pressure in Sun City, South Africa. 19 Jun 2001
CDMT - Can Dinosaurs Make Teammates? 31 May 2001
Nice try but no Cigar 29 May 2001