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More on the Mexican GM Maize Scandal 18 Feb 2002
U.S. Acquisitionof aromatic Thai rice breaks trust, tramples farmers, threatens trade and seed treaty talks 30 Oct 2001
World Food Day - What to do if Your Gene Bank is Contaminated with GM Seed 15 Oct 2001
Self-proclaimed 'heroes' in Monte Carlo, the world's seed companies have bowed to U.S. pressure in Sun City, South Africa. 19 Jun 2001
CDMT - Can Dinosaurs Make Teammates? 31 May 2001
Nice try but no Cigar 29 May 2001
Nobody's going to become a millionaire... 3 May 2001
As Washington tries to sort out what a 'plant' is, world food security is iced in Switzerland. Industry, Europe, Japan, and the G77 (developing) countries look on in amazement. 19 Nov 2000
A Not-so-Thanksgiving Story 9 Nov 2000
Oil on Troubled Waters...or just a Tempest in a Test-tube? 11 Apr 2000
Will USDA's Biotech Advisory Board Demand Accountability? 23 Mar 2000
University of Georgia Refuses to Halt Project 30 Nov 1999
The folks that brought you Terminator are now dumping Originator toxic seeds on farmers' fields. 20 Jun 1999