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Gene Drive mosquito
Indigenous and Global South communities are biodiversity experts, not Silicon Valley 23 Jun 2022
A critical approach to the digitalisation of food systems - What’s there to know? Introductory teach-in. 21 Jun 2022
The cover of the backgrounder report
Explaining competing claims of 70% vs. 30% and why it matters 31 Jan 2022
The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has bumbled into a controversy over whether peasants or agribusiness feed most of the world. 31 Jan 2022
Introducing ETC Group's new board game 9 Dec 2021
Play out the battle for the future of food 9 Dec 2021
Illustration of spanner with icons representing various technologies surrounding a hand holding crops.
Episode 3 of our new podcast mini-series "Spanner in the Works" 19 Nov 2021
CAN International's Fossil of the Day award announcement
Biden and UAE set ‘Net Zero trap’ at COP26 with ‘AIM for Climate’ launch 2 Nov 2021
Graphic with a spanner and representations of various technologies around it.
Episode 2 of our new “Spanner in the System” podcast mini-series 29 Oct 2021
Risky geoengineering schemes are being promoted at COP26 28 Oct 2021