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Envisaging rice farming in 2045 under two very different food systems
We map out two very different futures for food systems, people and the planet

First, what do the next 25 years have in store with “agribusiness-as-usual”? The keys of the food system are handed over to data platforms, private equity firms, and e-commerce giants, putting the food security of billions at the mercy of high-risk, AI-controlled farming systems,

The cover of the Jack and the Cloud Giant story showing a young peasant staring up at vines that look digital that are growing out of his farm
It's World Storytelling Day, which has the theme of "new beginnings" this year, so we're sharing our new tale of Jack and the Cloud Giant, a twist on an old European fairytale!

In this story, we follow a young peasant called Jack up a data-vine that leads into the Cloud Giant’s techno-castle, where he finds out what happens when he plugs his farm into the glittering apps and the dazzling promises of


En las últimas décadas, la forma en que las personas cultivan, comparten y comen alimentos en todo el mundo se ha convertido en la historia de dos sistemas alimentarios en conflicto, a los que llamamos Cadena alimentaria indus

Box containing a card game with illustrations from the game

Over the last few decades, the way in which people grow, share and eat food around the world has become a tale of two conflicting food systems – which we call the Industrial Food Chain and the Peasant Food Web.

ETC Podcast talks to Tom Goldtooth
What kind of system of knowledge considers it a good idea to try to manipulate the whole climate of an entire planet?
Interview with Silvia Ribeiro
Small urban farm with blue earthquake fissure superimposed.
Who will control food and farming by the end of the decade?
Bill Gates and Gene Drive Extinction Technology

As part of our contribution to a new Global Citizen’s Report ‘Gates to a Global Empire’, we explore the way in which the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) is forcing dangerous gene drive technologies onto the world.

Aerial photograph of tar sands fields in Canada
Bill Gates’ fossil fuel interests and funding for global climate engineering

ETC Group contributes to a new Global Citizen’s Report ‘Gates to a Global Empire’ which explores the many ways in which the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation wield immense influence across the globe, driving a form of “techno-solutionism” that prioritizes corporate power and profit and ignores ov


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