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A briefing from the Civil Society Working Group on Gene Drives

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First study on gene drive governance avoids the explosive issues: Militarization, Commercialization, Food Security. ETC Group urges that gene drive patents and governance be handed to the United Nations.

Coming in at over 200 pages, today’s National Academy of Sciences (NAS) report, 'Gene Drives on the Horizon’ is weighty but disappointing.

Who’s going to eat whose lunch … the Hardware Grunts or the Software Gurus? The Battle for the control of agricultural inputs is just beginning.

Briefing Note, May 31st, 2016

Engineering life and livelihood
If we act, we can stop the Big Six from becoming the Titanic Three.

Briefing Note, March 23, 2016

As ETC first warned in May[i] last year and again in February[ii] this year, the pressure of two mergers among the Big Six Gene Giants would make a third merger inevitable. In the last few days the business media have reported that Monsanto is in separate talks with Bayer and BASF – the two German giants among agricultural input companies. While anti-competition regulators are fussing about the hook up of DuPont with Dow and of Syngenta with Chem China, Monsanto urgently needs to make a match. They hope that if regulators let the other two deals go through, they won’t be able to deny Monsanto a chance to even the score.

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More than 100 civil society organizations raise alarm about FAO biotechnology meeting

La Via Campesina, GRAIN and ETC Group 

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And soon there will be three. Joy of six heads towards a “ménage à trois”

For more background, see ETC Group’s recent report: Breaking Bad: Big Ag Mega-Mergers in Play [1

...and (possibly) Irrelevant Preview of 2016

The Year that Ended Dangerously


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