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In a great bit of news for World Food Day, a key Brazilian congressional committee today withdrew the consideration of legislation that would have allowed the sale and use of Terminator Technology, also known as suicide seeds.

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Fast-tracked Legislation to Allow Sterile Seeds Would Harm Farmers, Food Security

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IPCC Shoots a Silver Bullet (Point) for Climate Change, Includes Geoengineering in its Latest Report

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27th September 2013

The Industrial Food Chain or the Peasant Food Webs?

With Climate Change…

Who Will Feed Us?

The State of Corporate Concentration, 2013

ETC Group has been monitoring the power and global reach of agro-industrial corporations for several decades – including the increasingly consolidated control of agricultural inputs for the industrial food chain: proprietary seeds and livestock genetics, chemical pesticides and fertilizers and a

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Background: At a recent Synthetic Biology Conference in Cambridge UK, Synthetic Biologist Jay Keasling announced that the consortium he was working with now intend to replace the entire global


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Stop the spread of synthetic biology

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5th June 2013

Last Chance for Kickstarter to stop release of risky seeds


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