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Addis Summit creates a Technology Facilitation Mechanism including a multi-stakeholder forum to discuss technology issues, including risks and opportunities of emerging technologies for the UN’s 2015–30 Sustainable Development Goals.


The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris in December will feature all the tightly choreographed production values of a Hollywood blockbuster.

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Zero net emissions: not net, not zero

*Silvia Ribeiro

Pope Francis’s encyclical takes on the Fossil Fuel Industry – and much more

“Liberation Theology” or “Liberation Technology”?

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A proposed merger of seed and pesticide conglomerates portends a new level of monopoly over the first link in the global food chain
Why we shouldn’t fund geoengineering experimentation, and what we still need to learn about the climate
by Pat Mooney
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Critical resource on geoengineering and resistance


The Green, Sharing, Making Economy
Responding to Andy Parker of IASS-Potsdam

On Nov.10th 2014 Jim Thomas was quoted in a New York Times


Some governments are exploring geoengineering as a way to reduce or delay climate change.   Geoengineering could technically take climate decisions away from all but the richest countries.


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