Say No to Terminator!

The genetic modification of plants to produce sterile seeds has been widely condemned by civil society, scientific bodies, and many governments as an immoral application of agricultural biotechnology. If commercialized, the technology will prevent farmers from saving seed from their harvest for planting the following season. The aim of genetic seed sterilization is to maximize seed industry profits by destroying the right of farmers to save their seeds and breed their own crops. We cannot depend on the good will of transnational corporations to prevent Terminator seeds from becoming a commercial reality. Although Monsanto and AstraZeneca have publicly vowed not to commercialize Terminator seeds, each of these companies has since merged with a different company. In August 2001 the US Department of Agriculture announced that it had licensed its patents on Terminator seeds to Delta & Pine Land Seed Company, the world’s largest cotton seed company. Delta & Pine Land has publicly stated its intention to commercialize Terminator seeds. ETC group believes that action by national governments will determine the future of Terminator and Traitor technology. We urge individuals - particularly in the South - to contact your ministers of agriculture and encourage your government to ban Terminator/Traitor technology. As the voice for world food security in the United Nations system, the Food and Agriculture Organization has a critical role to play in passing a resolution to condemn Terminator technology, especially in the months leading up to the World Food Summit Five Years Later, 10-13 June 2002. We invite you to send an email message directly to FAO Director-General, Dr. Jacques Diouf ( urging him to support a resolution by FAO member nations to condemn Terminator technology. Contact information is also provided (see below) for Delta & Pine Land (the US-based seed company that is commercializing Terminator seeds): Concerned individuals can also send messages of protest to Delta & Pine Land's new president, and current CEO, Murray Robinson. Let D&PL know that Terminator is anti-farmer, dangerous for the environment and disastrous for world food security. Terminator technology is also bad for business! F. Murray Robinson, President and CEO Delta & Pine Land Inc. One Cotton Row Scott, Mississippi 38772 Tel: 662 742-4000 Fax: 662 742-3795 Email: