ETC's reports and articles

An inquiry into potential for plant piracy through international intellectual propery Conventions A report by RAFI, in partnership with Heritage Seed Curators Australia (HSCA) 25 Aug 1998
Fat Cat Corp. with Fat Rat gene can Kill Crops 23 Aug 1998
RAFI's Seed Industry Consolidation Chart 31 Jul 1998
From poverty-fighter to the peasants Pinkerton Is Bangladesh's fabled Grameen Bank turning mean with its Monsanto deal...or is the "Monster" turning farmer philanthropist? 6 Jul 1998
Governments at FAO's Gene Commission fail to make the grade on Farmers' Rights and Benefit Sharing 30 Jun 1998
The 'Silent Spring' of Farmers' Rights - Seed Saving, the Public Sector, and Terminator Transnationals 29 Jun 1998
Corporate Gene Hunters' Bid for Monopoly on Icelanders' DNA put on Hold 15 Jun 1998
Implications of the Monsanto / American Home Products Merger 10 Jun 1998
New Patent Aims to Prevent Farmers from Saving Seed 29 May 1998
Andean Farmers Defeat U.S. University 21 May 1998
Thousands Drop A Line to the Prince Urging Him to Drop the Patent 21 May 1998