ETC group consists of nine staff members and nine board members scattered over five continents. We have offices in Ottawa and Montreal, Canada; Durham, USA; Mexico City, Mexico; Addis Abbaba, Ethiopia and Davao City, Philippines. Despite the distance between us, we work closely together via e-mail, telephone and travel. This page lets you get to know us a little better.


Imagen de Jim Thomas
Co-Executive Director
Imagen de Neth Daño
Co-Executive Director
Imagen de Silvia Ribeiro
Latin America Director
Imagen de Tom Wakeford
Programme Manager
Imagen de Trudi Zundel
Editor/Communications Coordinator
Imagen de Pat Mooney
Imagen de Veronica Villa
Programme Manager
Imagen de Zahra Moloo
Research / Outreach
Imagen de Dru Oja Jay
Communications Officer

Board Members

Imagen de Didit Pelegrina
Executive Committee Member
Imagen de Niclas Hallström
President of Board of Trustees
Imagen de Karin Nansen
Board Member
Imagen de Thuli Brilliance Makama
Board Member
Imagen de Gopal Dayaneni
Board Member
Imagen de Nnnimo Bassey
Board Member
Imagen de Lili Fuhr
Board Member
Imagen de Yoke Ling Chee
Board Member
Imagen de Octavio Rosas Landa
Executive Committee Member

Other people who help us

Imagen de Kathy Jo Wetter
Imagen de Hope Shand
Imagen de Mariann Bassey
Africa Programme Support
Imagen de Nikola Miranda-Martinez
Administrative and Technical Support
Imagen de Shtig
Graphic Designer and Illustrator
Imagen de Anja Chalmin
Research and translation