décembre 22, 2021

In memory of Dr. Arpad Pusztai

An inspiration for scientific integrity, principles and honesty

ETC Group is sad to have learned of the passing of Dr Arpad Pusztai on 17th December this Year. Dr Pustzai was a much respected, highly published UK government food safety scientist originally from Hungary. In 1998 his research, which raised questions about the safety of Genetic Engineering in potatoes, caused a political storm, cost him his job and became the lightning rod for a fierce public debate and popular revolt against GM foods in the UK . Many have remarked on the distasteful ferocity with which the biotech industry and parts of the science establishment attempted to smear, discredit and destroy his career and that of his colleagues at great cost to his health and future. Over the years ETC Group staff were privileged to meet and work alongside Dr Pustzai at international biosafety meetings and appreciated his scientific rigour and gentle curiosity. He remains an inspiration for scientific integrity, principles and honesty. Our thoughts go out to his wife Susan and to his family.