December 09, 2021

Donate $100, first 100 receive our board game Disruption!

Play out the battle for the future of food

Disruption! is a board game created by ETC Group that brings to life the tensions between the peasant food web and industrial agriculture. By playing the game you can get to know the latest tricks and strategies being deployed in the #BattleForTheFutureOfFood.

The first 100 donations of $100 or more to ETC Group will receive a copy of the new and updated version of our game Disruption! A battle for the future of food.

Once your donation is complete, send us an email at with your mailing address so that we can make sure the game goes to the right address. 

Please note: Due to international logistics issues, we cannot ensure that any games will arrive before Christmas. In some cases (eg shipping between the UK and Sweden) we have also experienced delays and difficulties.

We’re working on finding a way to make the game more accessible to all through training (online and offline) and sharing with social movements and community organisations. Until then we are requesting a donation in exchange for the game to cover shipping and distribution costs.

Please consider supporting ETC's unique research and advocacy with a tax-deductible donation. Donate here